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What qualifies?

Critical Illness includes:

• ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)

• Aorta Graft Surgery

• Aplastic Anemia

• Blindness

• Cancer

• Cystic Fibrosis

• End Stage Renal Failure

• Heart Attack

• Heart Valve Replacement

• Major Organ Transplant

• Motor Neuron Disease

• Stroke

• Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Critical Injury includes:

• Coma

• Paralysis

• Severe Burns

• Traumatic Brain Injury

Experience Life You want protection for your family or business. You also want to be better prepared for retirement. Life insurance helps to financially protect your family or business from the risk of Dying Too Soon. But what if you Live Too Long? The Lifetime Income Benefit Rider (LIBR) is an optional rider that can be added to select life insurance policies from the life insurance companies that we write with. Adding this rider to a life insurance policy, if properly funded, has the potential to provide a guaranteed source of income for life. Is outliving retirement income or Living Too Long on your mind? If so, let’s work on your puzzle together.

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Accelerated Benefits Riders are optional, no-additional cost riders that can allow you to access all or part of your death benefi t, while living, if you experience a qualifying terminal, chronic, or critical illness, or critical injury. The use of the benefi t is unrestricted with the exception that ABR proceeds for chronic illness in the state of Massachusetts can only be used to pay for expenses incurred for Qualifi ed Long-Term Care services.* Since the benefi t is unrestricted, once you qualify, you can use the benefi t for any expense. Expenses might include, but are not limited to: - Household expenses - Adult Day Care - Home modifi cations - Regular bills - Nursing home care - Quality of life expenditures

Life insurance you don’t have to die to use

What qualifies?

A doctor has certified, within the past 12 months, that you are unable to perform two out of six “activities of daily living” for a period of at least 90 consecutive days without assistance, or that you are cognitively impaired.

Activities of Daily Living

1. Bathing       2. Continence

3. Dressing     4. Eating

5. Toileting     6. Transferring

Receiving your benefit Generally, the rider needs to be in force for a period of two years. There is an annual limit on the amount of benefits you can receive. There is also a lifetime limit on the amount of benefits you can receive across all Accelerated Benefits Riders. Here if you need it Note that you do not have to be in a licensed facility to receive payments, and that you can apply for benefits every 12 months. Benefits can be used for any reason (with 1 state exception), and do not need to be used for medical expenses. If you should need it, and you qualify, after the waiting period you can:

• Accelerate portions of your death benefit every year to receive benefit payments.

• Leave the policy intact for your beneficiary.

What qualifies?

Generally, if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness that will result in death within 24 months of certifi cation of the illness by a physician. Receiving your benefit The benefi t payment will be a lump sum. There is no waiting period or annual benefi t limit, but there is a lifetime limit on the amount of benefi ts you can receive across all Accelerated Benefi ts Riders. Here if you need it You can elect to either: • Request the full acceleration, on a discounted basis, and use the lump-sum as you wish. • Choose to leave a portion of the policy’s death benefi t intact and receive a partial benefi t. • Choose to leave the entire policy intact for your benefi ciary